“Alive After the Fall” Review – Prep or Flee?

Considering buying the ’Alive After The Fall reviews’ ebook or wondering if the January 2017 doomsday prophecy story it tells is right? There’s a major flaw with the premise and advice of the site and ebook you should know first.

Alive After the Fall Video and Ebook

A new video is making the rounds among Christians, except its contents are nothing new.

While I say that about a lot of prophecy theories people email me about, in this case its true in an additional strange way.

As you watch Alive After the Fall, you may be reminded of another video from early 2015.

Alive After the Fall = Survive the End Days

That video was the Survive the End Days by someone under the admitted pseudonym of “Nathan Shepard.” He called himself a archaeologist and theologian at a large university in New Haven, Connecticut.

This time his name is “Alexander Cain,” who is also an archaeologist and theologian, this time from a large university in Arkansas.

The content of the video copy and text copy is nearly identical for both sites:

“What you are about to see is deeply disturbing…”

  • America is the doomed Mystery Babylon/Daughter Babylon of Revelation and Jeremiah.
  • Obama and Putin are the dueling King of the South and King of the North from Dan 11, respectively.
  • Therefore, before Obama leaves office January, 2017, Putin will attack America.
  • The “weapon of his indignation” he uses is an EMP or electromagnetic pulse which can paralyze the whole continent leaving it in the dark.
  • The author has lived among the off-the-grid communities around the world (like the Amish) where he learned how to live without electricity like they do.
  • An ebook teaching you how to do the same so you can “survive the end days” and be “alive after the fall” is offered (at first) for $37 (later reduced to $27/$26)