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Bonus Programs

The bonuses you get with The Desire System depends on which package or focus you choose. The three different packages; Confidence, Seductive and Relationship, are meant to help you choose what you want to get out of the program and give direction to your learning. You get to choose the bonus package that best suits you – This is quite unique for a dating product and a very clever and innovative way of shaping the course.

The Confidence Package

– Choose this package if you’re looking to boost your confidence, assertiveness and status. This package is all about inner game, and looks to help develop rock solid inner game foundations. If you’re generally alright at talking to women, but often feel that its your lack of confidence letting you down, then this is the package for you.

  • The Social Matrix
    • Learn the hidden dynamics of social situations and how to master them.
  • Assertive Approaching
    • Learn how to approach women confidently, know what to say and how to close.
  • Complete Confidence Hypnosis
    • Audio – Let a trained hypnotist take you on a relaxing journey of confidence building. Really amazing bonus to be included here.
  • When You Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough
    • This motivational guide sets straight the concept of human and masculine value, and shows you where yours lies.
  • The Ten Spot
    • Bonus by the talented Ten Game, learn some confidence gimmicks that will give you an instant boost.

The Seductive Package

– This package focuses on the art and techniques of seduction and attraction. Choose this program is your confidence and self esteem is in decent tact, but you sometimes struggle with the ‘how’ of picking up women. This package digs deep into the science behind attraction and seduction, and lays out a roadmap to becoming naturally seductive through practice.

  • Endless Conversations
    • Small talk made sexy, never run out of things to say as you follow this guides approach to chit chat.
  • The Art of Seduction
    • Learn from masters as far back as Casanova, this guide lays out the science of seduction and the art of its practice. A truly theoretical look at what makes people tick sexually.
  • The Coffee Shop Drill
    • This gimmick/ routine helps you pick up women in coffee shops, or other relaxes public situations.
  • The Bombing Opener
    • Another gimmick, helps you easily open women even when you are nervous.
  • Holiday Hookups
    • If you’re going on holiday soon, or live in a vacation city, then this guide is for you. Learn the ins and outs of summer flings, how to master the casual relationship with a time limit.
  • Friends into Lovers
    • If you’re stuck in the friend zone, this guide will attempt to help you navigate out of those shaky waters. Learn how to reframe your relationships so that they fit your expectations, not hers.
  • Sexual Texting
    • Where you thinking of buying a texting guide too? David Tian has included one here as a bonus, learn the texts that turn women on. Hope to open, close, and everything in between.
  • The Frame Control Bible
    • Frame control is a concept they’ll touch on in the main part of this course, but this addendum truly helps set out the topic in the clearest terms. Learn how to control your frame in any situation.
  • The Model Challenge Screen
    • Self explanatory title, this product is for those who’d like to pick up models. Its a challenge, but its doable with a little guidance.
  • The Breathtaking Hello
    • This bonus is a full book on its own – This book focuses on the approach and initial conversation. Truly brilliant bonus that could stand alone as its own product.

The Relationship Package

If you’re comfortable with attraction, and you’ve got a decent self esteem,  but now its time to get into a relationship and master the dynamics of it, this is the package for you. Learn the ins and outs of relationships and how to create ones with awesome dynamics and boundaries.

  • Lustworthy Sex
    • A sexual guide that could be a standalone product, learn from sources as wide as the karma sutra on how to perform int he bedroom for screaming nights.
  • The 7 Commandments of Dating 9’s and 10’s
    • A short book that lays out the foundations for any high status relationship. Learn how to control the dynamics so that your relationship flows smoothly and happily.

Peek Inside The Program


Pros & Cons


The program is above all holistic
– It takes a well rounded, no BS view of masculine development and attraction. It finds a good solid balance between scientifically backed theory and field proven technique. This is a major advantage over other programs, such as Texting/ Phone Game programs, Approach programs or Testosterone supplements that aim to treat symptoms rather than cause. This is the main factor that I’d like to et cross in this Desire System Review. The Desire System treats seduction and attraction as it should be – As the result of multifaceted improvements to ones own being – while providing enough technique to send one into the world confidently while practicing the deeper levels of change.

Dr David Tian is a great speaker and teacher
– In the past it has really grinder my gears to have to sit through hours of videos of some geek fidgeting around the room, speaking out of his nose and reciting great theorems he developed by reading thousands of PUA forums and never actually getting out into the world. With David literally none of that is a problem. David is first and foremost an academic, having held academic teaching positions and having obtained a PHD in Asian Cultures and Philosophy, he is intelligent, sharp and understands the central tenants of teaching. This is not to be undervalued – The cleverest man in the world is useless to us unless he can teach. David has great charisma and energy when teaching and is able to sum up big concepts into nice little digestible chunks. I didn’t get bored even once going through the hours of footage in this program,.. Ok maybe once when Hypnotica was babbling on in his hypnotic voice – But otherwise, David is really cool, funny and enjoyable to watch teach.

The members area website is brilliant
– The members area of the website is really well designed and brilliantly built. In my time their i did not run into one glitch or error. All your programs are provided in order, easily accessible from any computer or point in the world. The website rewards you with ‘Achievements’ (like boy-scout badges) for completing various tasks and steps in the program. Psychologically these rewards really motivate one to keep coming back and timelessly complete the program. For me this was a great and unique addition to the program and something I have not seen in any other program of this kind.

The Community & The Feedback
– Im not sure how they’ve achieved this as so many have failed before them, but The Social Man team has managed to build and maintain a thriving members only community, much like I imagine the original Mystery forum was minus all the creepy magicians. People are constantly posting hurdles, solutions, revelations, progress dairies and results and David Tian and his team are constantly responding with advice, encouragement and affirmation. Its really cool to see a community that’s there to help each other grow and become the best they can without judgement and with a common interest. There are many great PUA forums around the web, but The Social Man Members Only forum really hits the nail on the head. Everyone is there with the certain integrity you need to involve yourself in The Desire System and so you don’t find many of the nerdy, icky gooey types that you do on other forums. I must admit, this is easily one of my favourite things about the program – Ongoing personalised advice from coaching professionals and a super supportive and cool community.

The Social Man team is constantly improving their existing programs instead of churning out new programs to make money – And if you’ve bought a program, you’re given all the updated content free for life. This is really cool of them. In the past two years they have done two major updates to The Desire System, adding new videos and rerecording old lectures in better quality and with updated content. The cool thing about this is that you can finish the program and then come back a year later and have a whole new program at your fingertips to even master yourself further.


At $67, The Desire System is by far at the low end of dating programs in terms of price. Often dating programs can (unjustifiably) cost thousands of dollars. Its great to see a Dating company pricing their products fairly. Against their competition’s prices, The Social Man could of priced The Desire System at 5x it’s current price and easily got away with it. This is a major pro for cash strapped lads such as ourselves.


The Desire System is not a quick fix
Unfortunately The Desire System is not an overnight program – heck there’s even more than 36 hours of videos to get through over time – Unless you’re willing to really commit the time and effort to see serious change, than this program is not for you. There are many programs on the internet that promise fast acting results, the sort of ‘get you laid quick’ programs. These programs are able to get you laid quick by giving you a very shallow and short lived set of tricks and routines to run on girls. If you don’t have the time, or don’t care about long term results and deeper change than rather pick up one of these programs, as unless you really dive deep into The Desire System it will be useless to you.

Its not a problem for most but those with very slow bandwidth may struggle streaming the videos online which can’t be downloaded. EDIT: After further investigation The Social Man team have informed me that customers can email them to obtain a download code for the videos.

The bonuses are a bit unnecessary/ random
Understandably it is difficult to release a program without bonuses these days as that is what consumers have come to expect, its all part of the package, but the bonuses that come with The Desire System are really a bit useless. They’ve packed all of their good stuff into their main program and so the bonuses are a bit fluffy and unnecessary. That said, in many senses it is better to put all the good stuff in the main program, so perhaps this is not such a con but in my opinion all the bonuses (besides the trail of The Way of The Rake) are unnecessary,

See David Tian in Action

The Bottom Line

Though no program will ever be perfect, The Desire System is arguably the best value for money product I’ve ever reviewed. At $67 you’ll be hard done by finding a fully immersive program anywhere near that price. Beyond it’s price, it is effective, holistic and emotionally mature and would bid well for people of all skill levels. Those further along their journey might find allot of overlap and repetition of previous knowledge in this program as David Tian goes through the pains of explaining the basics. That said, David teaches from a refreshingly honest and mature angle and goes far beyond the basics without ever losing touch of the human element.  The Desire System is a solid program by all accounts and so gets the BeBe stamp of approval.