VO Genesis Review – Another Make Money From Home Scam? (2)


If it’s so easy for anyone to do it, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Because it’s hard. Because the people who want voiceover work want the work of proven professionals. It’s not an industry where just anyone can break in with no experience.

That said, using the methods outlined in VO Genesis could help you build quality samples; so that you look like a quality professional.

Unfortunately, I do not feel it that is the case. This product uses a downloadable PDF eBook to describe the “technical” aspects of the art.

What Concerns Me About VOGenesis:

First, the biggest concern for me is, who is “Jenny Lewis”?  I have no idea. VO Genesis is actually a product from a company called Success Vantage, a marketing company in Singapore.

According to Success Vantage, there’s no one named “Jenny Lewis” on their team and no one there with a name that sounds even remotely like Jenny Lewis.

If you trust the recorded videos, “Jenny Lewis” is the creator of the VO Genesis Online Training Program. But….

Success Vantage is the actual creator….

So, maybe she means that she was the most successful at this program or is the resident expert of doing voice recordings…

I honestly do not know and a piece of me suspects that there is no such person. Not only that, why would someone who found a way to earn $1000 per hour suddenly decide to create a course that sells for $39.95 instead of spending their time making $1000 per hour?

(a little cynical, I know. But it is a valid thought)

Something else that gives me pause about VO Genesis is the second and third up-sells. Yes, there are three in total, and two of them have nothing whatsoever to do with voiceover work.

After you’ve purchased VO Genesis and perhaps the VO Genesis Accelerator upsell, you’ll be directed to two more upsells:

  • Multiple Streams of Income – A course that shows you several ways to make money, but none of them have anything to do with voiceover work
  • Quick Cash Machines – A program that gives you 5 pre-built Websites, none of which have anything to do with voiceover work.

Again, if VO Genesis is going to show you how to earn up to $1000 per hour, why would you have any interest in buying the two up-sells that are completely unrelated?

In my opinion, if “Jenny Lewis’s” product is as good as she claims, then it should stand on its own and simply work without any addition help from unrelated products.

Do note that VO Genesis does layout a good roadmap for novice voice actors to experts and it is very possible to make good income following that roadmap.

BUT, it does not happen overnight and it requires a ton of training and upfront investment of time. It’s possible that some of the people who buy VO Genesis will actually find a few gigs doing voiceover work, but 99% of the people who buy the product aren’t likely to earn a dime from it.

That’s not unusual, though, as most people who buy courses of any kind don’t put them to work. A lot of people just enjoy buying courses about how to make money, but don’t ever really make a solid income.

And yes, it is 100% possible to land your first gig. But, you need to remember that natural talent and good luck are only half of the needs to be successful in this industry.

From what I can tell about this product, I would estimate that 90% of the people who buy the product aren’t likely to earn a dime from it.

That’s not unusual, though, as most people who buy courses of any kind don’t put them to work. To be in that succeeding 10%, you must actually apply what you learn and then hope it’s enough.

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So What Does all This Cost?

For the initial purchase, it is going to cost you $39.95. Then you will come across the up-sells, which means more money coming out of your credit card.

Initial cost – $39.95

Up-sell #1 – $37

Up-sell #2 – $47

Up-sell #3 – $47

VO Genesis Conclusion

I’m not going to declare VO Genesis to be a total failure or a scam.  There are people out there, particularly in the non-English speaking world, who have a need for recorded sales pitches in English.

People do get hired to do those things, and yes, the market for voiceover work is huge. These things are all true.

But it’s not as easy to find work in the voiceover industry as VO Genesis suggests, and the work does not, in general, pay as well as the sales page says it does.

It’s a lot harder to make money doing voiceover work than you realize. If you do decide to buy VO Genesis, be sure to  stay away from the unrelated up-sells.

You won’t need them.

Can you make money with VO Genesis?  Maybe…

I’d like to give VO Genesis a thumbs up, but the best I can offer is a “Maybe”. Yes, voice artistry is a fantastic industry and can pay well but VO Genesis did a fantastic job of over exaggerating the income potential and quickness.